Air Filter Holding Frame Clips / Hardware

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Springfield Spring & Stamping manufactures and distributes a full line of air filter holding frame clips to commercial and industrial air filter manufacturers, air filter distributors and HVAC contractors around the world.

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Air Filter Holding Frame components include: P-clips, 12″ extension springs with and without bracket, corner brackets, bag filter clips, wire forms and more!

Springfield Spring & Stamping builds long-term strategic relationships with all of our customers. We are committed to providing all of our filter frame clips with uncompromising quality, responsive service and a culture built on continuous improvement. One of our core capabilities is our ability to customize any of our clips for specific applications.

Introducing Versa-M and our new SureGRIP line of Pre filter clips

FINALLY a cost-effective and efficient solution to pre filter, plastic v-bank filters and metal-flanged high-efficiency filters. Review our new and improved UniVERSA short nose and long nose pre-filter clips.

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