Engineered Excellence Across Diverse Sectors

At Springfield Spring & Stamping, we are the architects of precision-engineered solutions, catering to an array of dynamic industries since 1942. From the intricate world of medical devices to the robust demands of military and defense, we craft springs, stampings, wire forms, and light assemblies that redefine industry standards.

We adhere to ISO registered 9001:2015 and ISO registered 13485:2016 standards, promising exceptional quality and consistency. Our logistics teams navigate international shipping intricacies, ensuring timely deliveries to destinations worldwide, including Mexico, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Australia.

From intricate medical devices to the complex world of military and defense, Springfield Spring & Stamping is the trusted partner across industries. Contact us today to embark on a journey of unparalleled engineering excellence.

Medical & Healthcare

Entrust us with the creation of critical components for medical devices. Our springs meet stringent ISO 13485:2016 standards, guaranteeing utmost quality and safety in healthcare applications.

Military & Defense

Stand on the frontline of innovation with our specialized springs. Crafted to meet strict defense standards, they ensure accuracy, resilience, and unwavering performance in the most critical missions.


Advance your firearm designs with our precision-engineered springs and components, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and optimal performance in every shot.


Drive innovation with our automotive springs. Precision-crafted to perfection, they enhance performance, safety, and durability in every vehicle.

Industrial Controls

Powering industries with robust springs, we optimize machinery efficiency, ensuring seamless operations in manufacturing environments across the globe. Check out our online store to shop Air Filter clips and hardware today.

Consumer Products

Elevate consumer experiences with our springs. From electronics to household appliances, our components add reliability and functionality to everyday products.