Contract Assembly Services

In addition to our wide variety of springs and related products, Springfield Spring & Stamping offers its customers contract assembly services as a value-added service offering.

By outsourcing turnkey assembly of build-to-print components to Springfield Spring & Stamping, customers significantly reduce many direct and indirect costs. Our press work is performed on pneumatic presses (2.5 – 10 ton), manual kick presses, and single stroke punch presses (5 tons). We can handle riveting, PEM insertion, mechanical assembly, welding, and more.

Minimum quantity is as low as 1000 units. Rather than tracking multiple suppliers for individually fabricated metal components, increasing numbers of customers safely rely on Springfield Spring & Stamping for fabrication, assembly, inventory, and delivery. (International shipping is also available.)

Learn more about what critical to function means to us

It’s not just a stamping, it’s not just a wireform, it’s not just a spring. It HAS to work. You can’t risk your medical or defense product to not work every time. At Springfield Spring, we partner with your team to solve your most complex problems. Our products are tested and engineered to work every time as they’re supposed to function. We strive to make the best springs, stampings, wireforms and fourslide parts.