Springfield Spring & Stamping

We are an engineering centric company, manufacturing springs, wireforms, and stampings who partners with our customers to design, develop and produce critical-to-function components for critical-to-performance products.

Compression Springs

Resistance and strength in every coil, powering innovation

Air Filter Clips & Hardware

Holding the future, securing clean and pure air, breathe easy

Magazine Springs

 Reliability in every round, unmatched durability, and performance beyond measure

Torsion Springs

 Reliability in every round, unmatched durability, and performance beyond measure

Custom Wire Forms

Wired for success, our custom wire forms are engineered with unrivaled accuracy turning ideas into reality

Fourslide Stampings

Intricate craftsmanship shaping metal into ingenious solutions

Brackets & Clips

Small parts, big impact, exceptional quality, powering connectivity

Extension Springs

Stretch your imagination and see how we extend the reach of possibility

Diverse Capabilities, One Standard

Our manufacturing facilities operate under the same Quality Management System, ensuring consistent quality and service. Whether you’re envisioning large-scale industrial solutions or delicate bespoke creations, our commitment to craftsmanship and reliability remains unwavering.

Rapid Prototyping: From Ideas to Reality

Rapid prototyping transforms concepts into tangible prototypes swiftly, accelerating the product development cycle, and ensuring timely market entry.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Your projects, big or small, find their perfect partner in us – where ideas flourish, and possibilities are limitless. Let’s transform your concepts into remarkable realities together.

Critical Components for Critical to Function Applications

Our components can be found in countless critical applications, which means they need to work every time. Reliability is the cornerstone of our service. We provide not just springs but trust, becoming the preferred partner for industries that demand precision and performance.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

At Springfield Spring & Stamping, we embrace challenges of all sizes. From complex industrial undertakings to intricate custom designs, our expertise spans a vast spectrum. Our seasoned craftsmen breathe life into every project, ensuring ingenuity and innovation prevail, regardless of scale. With a legacy of excellence in spring manufacturing, we excel in turning visions into reality.

Connect with our Engineers

Expertise Is Our Legacy

We’ve spent over 80 years mastering the craft of spring making. Our journey is not only measured in years, but marked by the expertise acquired, the challenges conquered, and the countless projects perfected. When you choose us, you’re not just engaging a manufacturer you’re partnering with experts who have navigated the intricacies of spring engineering for generations.

Trust in our legacy, and let’s craft excellence together. 

Customer Testimonials

“I have been a customer of Springfield Spring for the past 6 years…Every time I need something, this group bends over backward to make sure I have what I need.”


“Norm and his team at Springfield Spring are fantastic to work with! Response time and communication are top notch!”


“Springfield Spring is a key supplier in my supply chain, and I highly recommend working with them”


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+1 413 525 6837