Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of manufactured products and services while maintaining the highest standards of quality, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction rating, and maintaining a positive influence in the community.

We're Hiring

Are you in a dead-end position putting in your time day-after-day with zero recognition or advancement because your company has unwritten rules regarding seniority? Are you a star but the politics of advancement require you to kiss up and shut up – which is not in your DNA. Does your Direct Report possess a “command & control” personality? Do you hate driving into work every day but feel trapped because you need the cash to support yourself or your family? Are raises or bonuses just a dream? Well, today is your lucky day my friend.

If you’re just looking for a job, please don’t apply. If you’re however committed to becoming a part of an employee-centric, multi-divisional company where your experience, hard work and team attitude will be recognized and rewarded – we want to talk to you.

We are a fast-paced manufacturing company that is thriving in this Pandemic. We need people that can keep pace with us and actually have FUN at the same time. That’s right…Fun at work. “What a concept…lol.” You will be asked to take on many roles and will talk directly to our customers for order placement, expediting and general relationship building.

Expectations & Benefits

Keep in mind that we have no tolerance for office politics, character assassinations or Facebook or Smart Phone addiction. What we do offer is a competitive hourly wage commensurate with experience, health insurance, 401k, PTO Time, paid holidays, vacation time, bonuses and a team-based culture.

One more thing. We are an Open-Book Managed company. We know. “What the hell is Open Book Management? Lol! You will be taught how our company runs financially as we openly share our sales and profit. Our process for success is easy: “A business-literate employee is our company’s greatest asset!

Interested in joining our talented team?

Contact us below to be considered for any existing or future job opportunities.