Custom Metal Spring Clips

At Springfield Spring & Stamping, we have been manufacturing spring clips for well over 75+ years. A spring clip is traditionally used in designs that require the metal stamping to actuate or remain static under a load. As the name denotes, the stamping acts like a spring. They can be hand-actuated or actuated electro-mechanically.

Custom metal spring clips can be made from full spring tempered material or high carbon spring steel including:

  • 301/302/316 spring tempered stainless steel
  • 17-7 condition C stainless steel
  • 1075/1095 tempered carbon steel
  • Spring brass
  • Spring tempered phosphor bronze
  • Beryllium copper
  • 1050/1074 high carbon annealed material (for spring clips with sharp bends or geometries that preclude using full spring tempered material)

After forming, the parts undergo a post hardening & tempering process to bring their property to a spring tempered state. If stainless is required, we would use 410 or 410 annealed stainless steel with a post hardening in vacuum.