Stainless Steel Wire Forms (2″ & 4″)

Springfield Spring & Stamping is one of the leading wire forming companies in New England. We are one of the top custom wire form manufacturers and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality precision wire forming for the needs of your applications. The success of your end-use product depends on the performance of the components you use — that’s why we are committed to designing and creating stainless steel wire forms to your specific requirements. Our engineering team will work with you to develop drawings and to select round, flat or shaped stainless steel wire for your custom wire forming project.

Stainless Steel Wire Forming is Often Chosen For:

• High levels of flexibility and malleability
• Durability
• Superior tensile strength
• High temperature resistance
• Corrosion resistance
• Washing or passivation resistance
• Long-lasting
• Wide usefulness range

Stainless steel wire forming is often selected when the component will be used in a harsh environment, with exposure to high temperatures, moisture and chemicals. Industries including food processing, medical equipment, medical devices, agriculture, industrial controls, automotive, lighting and aerospace commonly employ stainless steel when reliability and long-term functionality is crucial.

Why Choose Springfield Spring Over Other Wire Forming Companies?

As an ISO 13485 quality certified company with years of experience serving the medical industry, Springfield Spring offers a high degree of technical manufacturing abilities and engineering excellence, putting us among the leading custom wire form manufacturers. We can handle the most challenging medical projects while meeting tight program delivery schedules. Over the years, we have successfully manufactured highly compliant stainless steel wire forms at cost-effective prices.

Typical Applications for Medical Wire Forms

Our precision-engineered wire forms support the medical assembly of:

• CPR & Resuscitation Equipment        
• Cardiac Instruments                 
• Dental Equipment                   
• Laparoscopy                             
• Immobilization Devices                 
• Surgical Instruments                     
• Wheelchairs   
• Handheld Surgical Devices
• Monitors and Electronics
• Drug Delivery Systems
• Peak Flow Meters
• Oxygen Regulators
• Endoscopes
• Ventilators