Springfield Spring & Stamping SureGrip LogoSpringfield Spring & Stamping, a global leader in the design and manufacture of air filter holding frame clips, is pleased to announce the introduction of our new line of UniVERSA and UniVERSA-Don prefilter clips for the air filter industry. Our new and improved SureGRIP™ PreFilter Clips are engineered and designed to effortlessly attach prefilters to plastic V-Bank filters.

For information and installation instructions, please visit our Air Filter Holding Frame Clips and Accessories section.

Springfield Spring & Stamping UniVERSA FiltersAbove left: UniVERSA – Short Nose 2″. Above right: UniVERSA/Don – Long Nose 4″.

Springfield Spring & Stamping is one of the leading manufacturers of standard and custom air filter holding frame clips in the United States. We provide these components to some of the largest air filter manufacturers and air filter distributors in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

At Springfield Spring & Stamping we design, manufacturer, assemble and package all our filter-clip hardware. Most of these components are inventoried for immediate shipment. Our clients tell us we make the highest quality and lowest priced clips on the market.