Capabilities of Modern Magazine Springs

Magazine Compression SpringsAt Springfield Spring, we love springs! Since springs are all so different and can be used in millions of applications, we get the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside the industries that rely on our products. For over 70 years we have proudly served the firearms industry with the precision-engineered springs required in the production of top quality firearms. The type of spring used most frequently by firearms manufacturers is a type of compression spring called a magazine spring. Whether you’ve never heard of magazine springs or your company uses them in the production of firearms, please join us for an insider perspective on this fascinating spring.

The Function of Magazine Springs
Magazine springs are named for the component of the gun where they are utilized. While they are actually a custom style of compression spring, their integral role in the magazine of a firearm earned them the fitting nickname. While they can be used for other purposes, their most common function is pushing bullets or rounds into the chamber of a wide range of different automatic and semi-automatic firearm types. Depending on the type of firearm, the specific details of the magazine spring will vary. For example, a rifle with a longer magazine will require a longer spring, while a shorter firearm like a handgun needs a shorter magazine spring. Other factors that vary depending on firearm type include number of coils, width, and required force.

Because a magazine spring is simply a customized compression spring, it works on the same principle; gaining pressure when compressed. With a simple zig-zag appearance, the spring is inserted into the magazine along with the bullets, feeding them into the chamber.

The Capabilities of Magazine Springs

Firearm’s actions have come a long way since the early days of muskets where a user had to pack ammunition into the barrel of the gun. Modern firearms utilize “repeating mechanisms” which utilize a magazine spring. These complex systems include a magazine spring which is capable of moving rounds into a chamber at a fraction of the speed it would have taken to reload the weapon. It’s this convenient repeating, reloading function that allows a weapon to be described as “automatic” or “semi-automatic”. Today’s magazine springs combine superior tensile strength and the durability of materials like chrome vanadium and stainless steels.

The Production of Magazine Springs
As firearm manufacturers work to meet the demand of their customers, the necessity for high quality magazine springs continues to increase. As a spring manufacturer committed to offering the finest springs to this market, we take all necessary measures to ensure our manufacturing capabilities exceed our clients’ expectations. To produce the highest quality magazine springs in the industry, we have developed a state-of-the-art facility consisting of innovative spring engineering software and five additional CNC machines. Our advanced spring machine manufacturing capabilities include oval and square wound springs in wire ranges between .020” and .085”.

If you’re interested in learning more about magazine springs or you’re ready to begin the ordering process, contact us today!