Various Compression SpringsHere at Springfield Spring, we’re all about springs. You’re probably not surprised because springs are what we sell, but our passion for our product goes beyond our inventory. You see, to us, springs are more than products; they’re solutions to some of the most demanding applications in just about every industry. Today we’ll be talking about one of our best sellers, and some of the impressive reasons why it works so well in so many applications. Compression springs come in several different shapes, falling few different categories, which are used in different types of applications. No matter what the shape or use, compression springs all offer the same benefits, giving them unequivocal value in every industry. Here are 3 of the most noteworthy benefits of these popular springs.

Resisting the Movement of Another Component

One of the biggest benefits of compression springs is the ability to resist the movement of another component. This feature makes a very tiny compression spring integral in the internal construction and function of the gauge. The pressure of the media used in the gauge is pushed into a hollow tube which tries to straighten as it is filled. As a result of this pressure, the movement of the tube pushes a link and gear which are attached to the tiny compression spring. The spring resists, pushing back and resulting in the position of the pressure indicator needle. If the compression spring didn’t push back on the pressurized component, the indicator needle wouldn’t bounce into place to show the amount of pressure being measured.

Returning the Component to Its Desired Position

Another benefit which shows just how widely used and necessary compression springs are is door latches on both cars and the doors of buildings. To best understand how the spring works, imagine opening a car door by lifting the lever, or opening a house door using a knob or handle. If you were to do either motion but not pull the door open, the compression spring inside the lock mechanism would return it to the lock position. By pulling or turning the device, you are compressing the spring, and if you hold it in that position it will stay compressed, but if you let it go it will latch again. Without the compression spring, neither car or house door would ever securely close.

Providing Consistent Pressure

If you’ve ever purchased a device which required batteries, then you’ve seen one of the most important and incredible benefits of compression springs! The consistent pressure provided by compression springs completes the secure electronic contact required for circuits inside battery operated devices of all kinds. Picture the individual slots for batteries inside a child’s toy or flashlight. Each battery slot has a spring, and in order to insert the battery, the small compression spring must be compressed slightly. This compression creates stored energy which does double duty; both holding the battery and place, and creating the conductive connection which allows the device to derive power from the battery.
Some of these benefits may not be a surprise to you, in fact, one of them may even be the reason why you’re interested in compression springs. One thing is for sure, compression springs offer the unique combination of benefits that make them the best choice for applications of all sizes, in all industries, and for millions of unique uses.

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