Commercial & Residential Lighting

Custom Metal StampingsCustom Metal Stampings, Clips, Springs and Wire Forms

At Springfield Spring & Stamping, our approach to “Best-In-Class” for quality and Supply Chain requirements associated with the Commercial Lighting, Residential Lighting and LED Lighting Industry, includes Black-Belt certified Engineers using Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and other tools within a quality-management system defined by our ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Why Springfield Spring & Stamping?

  • In partnership with Lighting & LED Engineering companies throughout the USA
    ISO 9001:2015 certified – PPAP submissions 3 plant locations
    We engage early in new product / component development for some of the Lighting Industry’s best known brands
    Rapid prototypes
    Dedicated 3PL’s to service plants in Mexico
    24 – 48 hour RFQ response time

Types of Components Manufactured

Lighting Clips, LED Clips, Lighting Wire Forms, Lighting Stampings, LED Stampings, LED Reflector Stampings, Lighting Contacts, Lighting Compression Springs, Lighting Torsion Springs, Lighting Flat Forms, Lighting Brackets, LED Brackets, Lighting Springs. Spring Steel Lighting Clips, Stainless Steel Lighting Clips, Spring Steel LED components, Stainless Steel Lighting Clips, Stainless Steel Lighting Brackets, Painted Lighting Brackets, Painted Lighting Clips

Springfield Spring & Stamping parts meet the strictest drawing tolerances, with highly-repeatable manufacturing processes that produce quality, precision components demanded by the Lighting & rapidly growing LED Lighting industry.

Our highly controlled combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allow us to produce Lighting components with virtually any materials. With modern machinery, advanced quality controls, in house engineering and an experienced service personnel, we are able to efficiently manufacture close tolerance components – on time, to print and at competitive pricing.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Springfield spring & Stamping utilize the latest inspection equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and lean-production processes in the production of components, clips, brackets, wire forms and springs for the commercial lighting components, residential lighting components and LED Lighting components. Our quality engineers use laser measurement equipment, on-machine camera gauging and Keyence Imaging Systems which allows us to provide and SPC-consistent part measurement real time histogram reporting.