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Keeping Clean Air Flowing

The Importance of Air Filter Holding Frame Hardware and Clips When it comes to indoor air quality, one often overlooked yet crucial component is the air filter. Whether in your home, office, or industrial facility, air filters play a vital role in ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and free of harmful particles. […]

The Versatile World of Custom Springs

Unlocking the Potential of Extension, Torsion, Compression, and Magazine Springs When it comes to the world of engineering and manufacturing, springs are often unsung heroes. These unassuming coiled wonders play a crucial role in various industries, from automotive to military, electronics to healthcare. Springs are not one-size-fits-all components; they come in a variety of types, […]

The Rise of Supplier Diversity

In today’s corporate landscape, the importance of supplier diversity is taking center stage. More than just a buzzword, it’s a strategic imperative that is reshaping the way businesses operate. But why is supplier diversity gaining such prominence in corporate America, and what value does it bring? Let’s explore the compelling reasons behind this shift and […]

The Importance of ISO 13485 in Spring Manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, quality, precision, and consistency are non-negotiable, especially in industries where the smallest error can have serious consequences. This is critical in spring manufacturing, where springs are essential components in a wide range of applications, from automotive to medical devices. One certification that stands out as a mark of excellence in […]

Rodriques Presents at NAFA Convention

Springfield Spring & Stamping recently attended the 42nd National Air Filtration Association Annual Convention in Nashville, TN. Company President, Norman L. Rodriques delivered a presentation to convention attendees on Frames and Latches – Their Importance to the System’s Integrity and Filter Performance. As an industry expert, Norm spoke about the danger of bypass, or air […]

Springfield Spring Corp honored for 80 years in business, continued investment in Bristol

Published on Monday, 28 November 2022 15:30Written by BRIAN M. JOHNSON @brianjohnsonBP BRISTOL – City and Chamber leaders honored Springfield Spring Corp for 80 years in business Monday, praising the manufacturing company for its longevity, growth and continued investment in Bristol. Springfield Spring Corp. has a 16,500 square foot location at 34 Dell Manor Dr., which […]

MassTech 2022 Awards: Springfield Spring & Stamping nominated by Senator Eric Lesser

Massachusetts Senator Eric Lesser nominated Springfield Spring for the MassTech 2022 Manufacturing Awards. The award ceremony was held September 16th at Polar Park in Worcester, MA. The Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up is a unique conference that provides opportunities to engage in conversations with people and resources at the forefront of the industry. Vice President Tina Malley and Process Strategy Manager […]

Springfield Spring & Stamping Adds New Wire EDM Machine

Springfield Spring & Stamping is pleased to announce the addition of our newest Wire EDM machine to our company’s tooling capabilities. This is our second, in-house, Wire EDM machine. The addition of our new Agie Charmilles Cut E 350 Wire EDM machine offers us the ability to design tooling for Six Sigma, decreases tooling lead […]

Introducing Our New Line of UniVERSA and UniVERSA-Don Prefilter Clips

Springfield Spring & Stamping, a global leader in the design and manufacture of air filter holding frame clips, is pleased to announce the introduction of our new line of UniVERSA and UniVERSA-Don prefilter clips for the air filter industry. Our new and improved SureGRIP™ PreFilter Clips are engineered and designed to effortlessly attach prefilters to […]